How To Easily Avoid Being Marked For SEO Spam

People are very used to the term spam. They have heard this for well over a decade regarding emails. You probably get these every day. These are emails that are sent to you from people that have purchased your email on a list and are sending emails in an attempt to get you to buy something. More unscrupulous people will attach images or files that, after you click on them, they will add a virus to your computer. Regarding search engine optimization, SEO spam is looked at in the same way by the search engine algorithms. They are looking for content that is not wanted, posts and pages that are breaking all of the rules. If the search engine algorithms determine that your content is spam content, they will de-index not only your pages but potentially your website. Here are the rules that must be followed if you would prefer ranking your content without breaking these rules.

Why Should You Worry About This?

When you do any marketing online by creating Naples Website Design, hoping to rank them as high as possible, you need to realize that your time is very important and it will probably take the same amount of time to create quality content opposed to duplicate content. Additionally, if you are going to build a large website, you need to preplan everything in advance. You will want to target very specific keyword phrases that are going to rank easily on the Internet, but to do this effectively, you need to use the following three rules to prevent any of your content being labeled as spam by the search engine algorithms.

Basics Of Avoiding SEO Spam

There are only three rules that you will need to follow if you want to avoid any of your content getting labeled as SEO spam. The first rule is always to use content that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet which is simply content that you have written yourself. Second, you might not have time to write this on your own. If that is the case, you can hire somebody to do this for you. You can outsource your content writing, and as long as you are using a legitimate individual or company to provide this for you, it will not be found anywhere else. The third and final strategy that you can use is to integrate curated content into a portion of your posts. This is content that is simply referencing other people’s content, perhaps using an excerpt from a new story or article that you have found online, providing an introduction and conclusion to this content that you have written yourself.

One Final Tip

A final strategy that you need to use to avoid any possibility of your content being labeled as spam is you need to add links that are pointing out to other websites that are currently ranking high in the search engines. Simply search for the same keyword that you are trying to rank for, and then put a link to the top website for that keyword. This is going to help you rank even faster, and also will show the search engine algorithms that you are trying to provide quality content.

By following these three simple rules for writing content, and posting it online, you will never have any of it regarded as spam. In fact, by changing things up and adding unique articles, as well as curated content, it’s going to look so much more natural. It is also recommended that your content is longer than 500 words in length. You also need to make sure that you are incorporating keywords that will help you rank on the search engines. This information should help you achieve top rankings, allowing you to get to the top of the search engines, without having to worry about SEO spam.